I'm not sur I have a 06 dodge stratus sxt was driving an ...

I'm not sur I have a 06 dodge stratus sxt was driving an car shuts off at about 70 mph I turned my heater on car went click shut off an will not start while checking my fuses I had 3 I thought were blown but it was the contacts in...

I'm not sur I have a 06 dodge stratus sxt was driving an car shuts off at about 70 mph I turned my heater on car went click shut off an will not start while checking my fuses I had 3 I thought were blown but it was the contacts in my fuse box the 3 being the injector coil [alternator](/topics-alternator-dodge/) as a relay wat could be wrong Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the Dodge? Has the Dodge been starting normally? 165000 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Stratus yourself? What have you tried so far? Trying to I have put new [battery](/topics-battery-dodge/) in an the only code was my camshaft position sensor an obd11 I change the cam shalf sensor. cked the fuses I get no power to the injector coil alternator an relay it wasn't the fuse but the contacts in the fuse box has no powee

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Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* welcome to just answer! I will be assisting you with all of your vehicle questions today. I’m really sorry that you’re having this issue and I’m going to help you through it, but please understand that I (respectfully) don't know your skill level or tools you have to assist us to diagnose/repair your vehicle. Also, understand that I can't see, smell, hear or touch the vehicle either, so your patience/understanding is appreciated. I do not know anything about the fees or charge so please if you have any concerns, direct them to customer service. You will be automatically offered a phone call by the website, which I am not personally able to complete. A phone call is not necessary or required and you can ignore the offer if you wish. what engine size do you have ?

ok I can respect all of that
Automotive Expert
what engine size do you have ?

no thank you2.4
Automotive Expert
ok what fuses did you see that were blown

injector coil alternator an a relay the fuses were not blown it was the contacts in fuse box under the hood had no power to them for those 3 fuses only
Automotive Expert
by chance know which one of the fuses you were testing the number or the description ?

tested all three 20 amp fuses I think on the diagram they were number 22,23,&24
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where you checking the power with the key on or off? not fining a fuse 24 under the hood
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Fuses involving the PCM and such will need key on for correct testing. Let me know what you find out

key. was on when I ck ed itmx
Automotive Expert
as for fuse 24 there is not on on the wire diagram can you confirm?

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