Q: Cold start issue.starts after few cranks after sitting idle for 15 hours.starts immediately after 10 hours.New battery & starter

asked by on November 14, 2017

Cold start issue.Starts(bit of a struggle) after few cranks after sitting idle for 15 hours.Starts immediately after 9-10 hours (return from work). Been to my mechanic thrice. Replaced with new interstate battery and also the starter since it was failing intermittently. Starter replacement has certainly helped with intermittent failures even after a long drive. Mechanic suspects that battery isn't get charged enough due to short commutes(<15mins) everyday. I do wait for the fuel pump to prime and then turn on the ignition. Also my mechanic replaced OEM recommended 5w30 oil with 20w50 synthethic oil. But i am not sure if the oil change as anything to do with this issue.

My car has 125000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Your engine has variable valve timing and uses oil pressure to work this system in the engine. It will not work correct and can cause starting issues if you are not using the correct 5w30 oil in the engine. The 5w50 is too thick to get into the passages good and can do damage to the engine if you continue to run this oil. I recommend replacing oil and filter to 5w30 and then see if symptoms improve.

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