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Q: Clutch making sound

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Every time I press the clutch it does this clacking sound. Sometimes when I drive is hard to put it in gear and I have to muscle it specially when I try putting it in reverse. Someone told me it was the throwout bearing so I took down the transmission and got a new one but now I'm wondering if that's the only thing that could be causing the problem. Anything else I could do?

My car has 100000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

There are a few different reasons for a clutch to make noise when being used. It is possible that the throwout bearing is causing the noise, but it is also possible that the clutch assembly is worn out, the pilot bushing has failed, the hydraulic clutch master or slave cylinder is failing, or there could be a problem with the transmission. A good visual inspection should reveal the state of the clutch assembly, and whether or not it needs to be replaced. I personally believe that if I have a transmission out on a vehicle of around 100,000 miles, I tend to replace all of the components listed, as this is not a small job, and it is the perfect time to replace the components, because they will need to be replaced fairly soon, and I don’t want have to do the job twice. I tend to go ahead and replace the clutch disk, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, clutch master and slave assembly, and have the flywheel resurfaced. With the transmission out, this would also be a good time to check its function. Be sure it shifts between gears smoothly before reinstalling it. If you feel you need a hand diagnosing and/or repairing the vehicle, contact a certified mechanic, like those available at

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