The car want move in gear After transmission replacement

The car want move in gear After transmission replacement Mechanic's Assistant: When was your transmission fluid last checked? Last week Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your transmissions? 200...

The car want move in gear After transmission replacement Mechanic's Assistant: When was your transmission fluid last checked? Last week Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your transmissions? 2000 chevy Silverado put in a 1999 GMC Sierra Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes just put the transmission in a fluids

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Howdy from Tennessee, I'm Chris aka Moose. Who am I helping today? I'm glad you've come here to get help. I will do my best to get the answer you are looking for. I help many customers, so sometimes my replies are delayed, I will respond once available. I try to be online at 1-5 pm and 10 pm-5 am every day. - Do you know what model transmission this was? - It will not move in any gears? - Is the vehicle 4wd? If so does it roll in neutral but not in park? - Do you know how to do a line pressure test?

Hey it’s Markel ! The transmission came out of at 2000 Chevy Silverado I put it in my 1999 GMC Sierra it goes into gear but it just rams up and doesn’t move . It will roll in neutralI do not know how to check line pressure
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Hello, Markel Since you did not provide the truck size and [engine](/topics-engine-chevy/) liter. I will need to know that information for both or the transmission model since there are a few different options for the 1500-3500 gas/diesel. Is the vehicle 4wd? Will the vehicle not roll in park?

1500 and gas 4wd 5.3L V8 vortexI did request a call it took the 26 dollars but said you’re unavailable to talk
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Thanks, Here are the steps to do the pressure test on the 4L60E []( Possible causes for this can be the incorrect torque converter or damaged pump if the pressure is not there. If there is pressure then can indicate valve body concerns or burnt clutches. Most likely a partial or full overhaul is needed to address this. I can do the call just not at 1 am. I could do it later in the day around 1-5 pm if that is okay. Thank you for seeking us for help, I hope I provided what was needed. Press reply if you need to follow up. If you liked my answer please let me know so I can mark your question complete. Moose

Okay Thanks Moose ! I will check those options out later today if could call me between those time to help me weigh out options of that doesn’t not work it would be appreciated
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Phone call session started
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Markel, I agreed to the call. When you are ready for the call, just reply right here after lunch later today. I will try and get to you as soon as I can after you reply.
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Is now a good time to call?
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Nice talking to you Markel.

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