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Q: Car wont starts but when it does it will stall and it is rough start

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The car wont start it want to kick over but it does not i did get it to kick over but it was rough i rev the engine the higher the rev it sounds great as i drop the rev it gets a bit rough and it stalls when you take your foot off of the acceliration i took the map sensore plug out and i got it started it idled for 30 sec it was a little rough and then it stalled i did blow a heater hose and all my coolant came out i replaced the hose and then it would not start the car did start before the hose cracked i hope this is enough for you to help me thanks
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, and thank you for writing in. When the vehicle sputters and struggles to run, it is typically an air, fuel, spark, or sensor issue. If you have the ability to scan it for diagnostic codes, there may be information from the computer to help you make a diagnosis. With only the available information, we would need to perform some tests. Start with the ignition system by checking for sparks, and observing the condition of the spark plugs. You can also test for fuel pressure, and make sure your injectors are clean. You can also make sure your throttle and idle air control valve are clean and in good condition. For further diagnostic help, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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