Q: Car starts cutting off after running with a/c

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I live in a hot area. When I started my car with the a/c its normal however after driving a while with the a/c like 15 minutes or so it started cutting off and when I gave it gas it died on the road. I turned off the a/c and waited 5 minutes or so. I turned it on it started up and running and drove normal but with the a/c OFF. note: this happened more than once and only happens with the a/c ON otherwise it never cuts off on me with the a/c OFF. Another note: it happens in the day and night. Is it a weak fuel pump not able to handle the load of the a/c? Is it a weak alternator not supplying enough power to the pump under the load of the a/c?

My car has 277000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. When the AC is active, it creates additional load and drag on the motor. Due to this fact, existing minor fuel or ignition system component issues tend to be exaggerated when the AC is working hard to cool your car. Some of the common sources of these type of symptoms include dirty or clogged fuel injectors, mass air flow sensor, EGR valve or worn spark plugs or plug wires. It would be a good idea to have a professional mechanic complete an onsite inspection to determine what is causing this issue so the right repairs can be completed.

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