Q: Car starts cutting off after running with a/c

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I live in a hot area. When I started my car with the a/c its normal however after driving a while with the a/c like 15 minutes or so it started cutting off and when I gave it gas it died on the road. I turned off the a/c and waited 5 minutes or so. I turned it on it started up and running and drove normal but with the a/c OFF. note: this happened more than once and only happens with the a/c ON otherwise it never cuts off on me with the a/c OFF. Another note: it happens in the day and night. Is it a weak fuel pump not able to handle the load of the a/c? Is it a weak alternator not supplying enough power to the pump under the load of the a/c?

My car has 277000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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