Q: Q: Why does my car keep dying on me?

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Started as some engine skips, then the car began to cut off while driving.took it to auto zone so read the codes, which were a bunch of random misfires.I replaced intake manifold and valve cover gaskets for possible vacuum leak, didn't work. Car began to not even turn over however the starter turns the motor. I then replaced all spark plugs and coil packs, with the same result, no start. I found a bad ground connection to the valve cover and fixed that, the car began to run with starting fluid but wouldn't pick up gas. I replaced the fuel pump and filter and car would then crank up and turn over but die after 3 seconds. I then straight wired the fuel pump to a fuse and the car cranked and idled for about 10 minutes, but when i proceeded to test drive it and put it in gear, it began to choke and die before I could leave the driveway and now it will only run for 3 seconds and die. I wanted to get a second opinion on a possible PCM issue

My car has 78000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. I think your best option here is to have a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and complete a car starts then stalls inspection. In most cases, if you suspect a PCM or ECU issue is the source; it’s best to eliminate all of the usual mechanical or electrical sensors / connectors first. This inspection should be able to pinpoint the source of your issues.

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