Q: Q: Car locks while in reverse

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My brakes are bad, I am getting them replaced within the next day. But now when I try to reverse my car locks up as if something is stopping it. In order to reverse I have to hit the gas, and even then , the car struggles to reverse, making the same sound as it makes while stopping with bad brakes.

My car has 47000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If your brakes have been grinding, this could cause the issue you are having. When brake pads grind into the brake rotors, this causes the surface finish to be very rough instead of smooth. This also causes a deep lip around the outer diameter of the rotor. These two symptoms in combination with each other can cause the brakes to lock up. It is also possible that the pads have been worn down to the point where the caliper piston has extended past the square cut O ring inside. What this means is that the caliper will not be able to release pressure on the brake pads/rotors because the square cut O ring is what physically pulls the caliper piston back when the brake pedal is released. I would recommend having your brake calipers inspected as well when the pads and rotors are replaced.

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