Q: Camshaft chain placement?

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Camshafts. DOHC. The marked chain links do not line up with the sprockets. And the book picture says the first set of cam lobes should face each other. And the timing marks should be straight up. But, when the timing marks are straight up, the lobes face inward at slight downward angle. Everything I've tried does not let the engine run without holding the throttle down. (A lot) . Any advice on that?

My car has 106000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Turn the engine over by hand until the timing marks are aligned up. If they are facing up and the lobes are slightly facing down, then turn the timing chain a little bit until one of the camshaft lobes are horizontal and then lock the camshafts together with a camshaft lock tool. Remove the timing chain. Then, get someone to help you with removing the tool as you get two tools to hold the camshafts in place. Then when the other person moves the tool, turn the other camshaft up a little to make it horizontal and have both camshafts lobes face each other. Have the other person put the lock in the sprockets to lock the camshafts from moving. Put on the timing chain. Remove the lock from the sprockets and rotate the camshafts until both of them are facing each other again and look to see where the timing marks are at on the camshaft sprockets. The marks should be aligned up properly and the engine should run correctly. If you need more help with the engine timing, then I recommend seeking out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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