Q: Buying 2014 Honda CRV-EXL with recent repair to right front suspension. Is this a concern?

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We are considering buying a used 2014 Honda CRV EX-L AWD (37,000) from the Honda Dealer. It was a leased car and supposedly all servicing was done there. They did the 105 pt inspection and said car was perfect. However, when we insisted on seeing the mechanic's reports, the Honda mechanic noted that when the car was returned form lease "there was a recent repair to the right front suspension". My husband looked under the car and there was a new shiny suspension bolted in. The mechanic seemed forthright and competent and said that he felt that the repair was well-done or they would not have passed it on inspection. He said he noted it in the report because "if it comes back here with a check engine light on, I will know to check this first". It concerns us that they stated "no accidents reported to CarFax" and did not mention this when they knew that this was clearly some kind of accident. They are not reducing the price because of this. Should we be concerned about a future issue?

My car has 37000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Corine. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In short - YES. I would be incredibly cautious about this vehicle or purchasing any others from this dealership. Transparency is vital when buying a previously owned vehicle. When a dealership is less than transparent (which is what appears has happened in this instance). Also, although the CarFax report is often a ’good’ indication of vehicle service history, it only works when damage is reported and accurately documented. I would strongly recommend having an independent, third-party professional mechanic complete a pre-purchase inspection on any used car you intend on purchasing.

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Hi Corine,

Thank you for contacting YourMechanic. As stated before, we strongly recommend having a mechanic complete a pre-purchase inspection. During a pre-purchase inspection, the mechanic performs a standard 150-point inspection that includes a visual inspection of the fluids, body, brakes, cooling system, suspension, HVAC, tires, and overall external appearance. The mechanic may scan the car’s various computers for trouble codes and test drive the vehicle if it’s safe and operational and if permission from the owner has been given. If the mechanic inspecting the car is not given permission to test drive the car or it is unsafe to test drive the car, the inspection will be completed without the road test portion.

As the pre-purchase inspection is a visual inspection that assesses the condition of the car at a specific point in time, it is not guaranteed or covered under our 12-month/12,000 mile warranty. The inspection is completed while the car is assembled so the mechanic is not able to see the inside of the engine or transmission. Our mechanics do not take the whole car apart to check every component in the car. Thus, there are possibilities of impending failures that are not evident at the time of inspection.

You can learn more about our Pre-purchase Inspections and full Warranty Policy online.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page, call us at 1-800-701-6230 between 6am to 5pm Mon-Fri and 7am to 4pm Sat-Sun PST, or reply to this email.

Best regards,

Amarilis YourMechanic Customer Service Team

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