My SUV smells hot even after driving short distances. No ...

My SUV smells hot even after driving short distances. No lights on, no fluid leaks seen and all fluid levels normal. Thoughts? ...

My SUV smells hot even after driving short distances. No lights on, no fluid leaks seen and all fluid levels normal. Thoughts?

Automotive Expert
Hi! When you say it smells "hot" are you smelling something burning?

No not exactly, it actually smells like oil or something, like when you drop oil when filling. Does that make any sense?Could it be a pinhole leak in a hose leaking on something hot. How would I figure that out? Rhonda
Automotive Expert
Yes it does make sense. I would check the valve cover gaskets. They are notorious for leaking on these. When they leak, they will leak onto the exhaust manifold which will make that burning smell. I would check that out first.

That makes sense. My daughter and I replaced them about 2 years ago. We thought we did a good job and we followed all directions but maybe there's a trick when replacing to help them not leak! Thoughts?
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Does your Escape have the 4 cylinder or V6?

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Ok on these engines there is suppose to be a small drop of silicone put on the head where the front timing cover mates up to it. Other than that, there is no special tricks.

Thank you! If a gasket is leaking would it have to be replaced or could we just tighten it if it wasn't damaged?
Automotive Expert
You're very welcome. You can absolutely try to tighten it first.

Thanks, you've been awesome. Have a great day!
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You're welcome. I'm glad to help. You have a great day too!

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