Q: Broken shielding dragging underneath car.

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On the passenger side undercarriage, there's a pair of lines that run from the back to the front. It looks like they could be gas or brake lines; I'm not entirely sure which. It isn't really relevant anyway. The lines are completely intact and fine. My problem is that the plastic covering for these lines has become disconnected and started dragging underneath my car last night.

I have an idea to jury-rig a fix for it. Basically (and I'll try to describe this as simply as I can), there are three clips along the lines. The clips have a small rectangular bit that is attached to them with a small bolt. It looks like this piece is what the shielding used to be attached to. It's effectively just a plastic rectangle bolted onto the clip at this point, so my idea was just to rotate it 90 degrees so that it overlaps the shielding and then tighten it with longer bolts.

Is it worth trying or should I just replace the whole shielding?

My car has 50352 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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