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Q: Backup light comes on when brake i depress

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Whenever I step on the break pad the reverse light comes on with the break lights

My car has 152000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

First, make sure the reverse lights are not just simply always on, which might signify a fault with the neutral safety switch. If indeed, illumination is only occurring with brake light illumination, check to be sure that you have the correct bulbs in each position. Reverse light bulbs will have a single filament. Depending on how your system is wired and what type of bulb sockets are used, it is possible that if you put a dual filament bulb in the reverse light socket something like what you are describing could happen. If the bulbs are not the issue, the easiest approach is to trace the wire that is not supposed to be "hot" to the reverse bulb, when the brake lights are on, until the point where power is "fed onto" that wire. That "point","device" or what have you represents the point of the fault. If you desire that an auto electric specialist resolve this, YourMechanic will dispatch a certified mechanic to your location if you request an electrical components diagnostic.

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