Q: All lights are on; on the dashboard and the battery continues to die.

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I have replaced the alternator, battery, positive battery terminal, and the fuse box that connects it all together. My battery voltage doesn't get high enough to run more than 3-5 minutes when being driven. Will last a minute or so when it idles. Everything is new but it still drains the battery. I got a blue driver to do a reading and it showed P0700 which is dealing with the transmission. Should i replace the Output Speed Sensor now? Or what, because i need my vehicle so I can work. I also read somewhere that i would have to flush my transmission fluid because it could be dirty. I don't have any problem shifting until it starts to die. My cruise control has never worked since i bought the vehicle 6 months ago. The R.Diff Temp started to show every once in a while after i bought brand new tires to put on my truck so he changed the oil. He has also cleaned the MAF a few months ago. I need some serious help before i sue somebody! HELP ME:-(

My car has 156000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. The first thing to consider is that amount of work that has already gone into the vehicle. With the lowering of the battery’s power so quickly after starting, I have a strong prediction that the alternator/charging system is not functioning correctly. The battery is responsible for starting the vehicle, and it completes the charging system circuit. Once the vehicle is started, the alternator supplies the power to the vehicle. The code and check engine light is likely a result of the more predominant issue at hand. Without a power supply and properly functioning engine, the transmission and its control module will not function correctly either. With all of that being said, you need to inspect the charging system in entirety, or get a second opinion. While it should not be your first assumption, it is possible to purchase or receive a faulty replacement component. You can have the new alternator, battery, and fuse box tested. However it is most likely the alternator or its immediate circuitry. For more help resolving the issue, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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