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My car is a BMW 518D A touring 2016 with m pack sport with 13670 miles. When I'm driving my car at 45 miles and more it starts (not always, it depends of the wind flow and or intensity) to whistle or some annoying aerodynamic noise coming from the front. The car was already in BMW workshop and the mechanic came with me to take a ride and noticed that noise. He told me that probably the noise is coming from the windscreen wipers or that space between the wipers and the hood. Asked him what they can do, and told me. NOTHING. He told me we can' t do anything in terms of aerodynamic noises issues. The noise is coming from the front for sure, but don't know exactly from where. What I can do to stop this madness. I hope there is a solution for that and not just increase the volume of the radio.Help me please! Thank you very much.

My car has 13670 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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