Q: 95 Toyota Camry le 2.2l cars starts and stalls or just cranks and fuel pumps is on and off sometimes also car randomly runs

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Car starts perfectly and stalls immediately after start probably for a second or 2 it runs. Sometimes the fuel pump is runs sometimes it doesn't when it does the car starts and stalls when it doesn't car just cranks and cranks. I've tried connecting the b+ and fp terminals to keep the fuel pump on when I did that the car starts and stalls but will not continue to run. I have check engine so I got someone to scan it and no codes came up on the scanner and they were saying that the computer wasn't communicating so then I connected terminals e1 and te1 and got flashing two digit code 14 no igf signal from igniter to ecu so I went to junkyard and got an igniter and coil to swap out but that didn't change anything. Spark plugs were changed a month ago but mechanic said they need to be changed again somehow. Just found out need oil change as well. New tps, ect, fuel pump and strainer, ignition lock cylinder, distributor, distributor cap. Cleaned iac valve and throttle body. Any suggestions?

My car has 235000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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