Q: 93 Buick will not excelerate passed 30 put in new transmission hose and radiator. Can u please tell me what u think the problem is

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My 93 Buick will not excelerate passed 30 miles transmission hose busted so I put in new one and I put in new radiator. I flushed transmission and put in more fluid. After driving it for a while the transmission finally caught and shifted gears can u please tell me the problem. I want to fix the car up and put it in shows. I need everything fixed properly first. THANK U

My car has 1395483 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. In some cases, when you have acceleration problems after changing a transmission hose, the issue is related to either an obstruction in the transmission fluid lines or the torque converter not receiving or having enough transmission fluid (slipping). However, it’s quite possible that this is not related to the tranny at all, but something like a fuel system or ignition system issue. I would recommend contacting a professional mobile mechanic to complete a car is slow to accelerate inspection at your location. In most cases, when they can test drive the vehicle and replicate your symptoms, it’s much easier to pinpoint the root source and recommend the right repairs.

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