Q: 2009 Volkswagen Passat Aux Not Working?

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I explain it all in this short video. Thanks in advance!


My car has 117000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. To help you find the cause of your aux cord not working I suggest doing a little process of elimination. If you have another device try to plug that device and Aux cord into your car because it may be your iPhone that is having trouble transmitting the signal. If changing devices doesn’t solve your issue I would then try to test the Aux cord itself. Possibly by buying another cheap aux cord or by using the aux cord in another audio device. You can also simply plug your iPhone into headphones to see if it produces a sound to help with the process of elimination. You should be able to navigate away from the screen you displayed in your video where it is stuck on the auxiliary function. Try to pop in a CD or change the radio station to make sure you can get off of that screen. If you could not get off of that screen that you may have an issue with your radio unit itself. If it is an issue with the radio unit it is likely a programming issue other than a Hardware issue. Volkswagen should be able to reprogram your radio for you if this is the case. What I suspect most is a faulty auxiliary port inside of your center console. I’ve seen the auxiliary ports go bad on vehicles less than a year old so it would not be surprising if yours has failed after about seven years of usage. The aux port can sometimes be subject to a lot of stress such as people removing it incorrectly or things leaning up against it while it’s plugged up inside of your center console. That stress could damage your AUX port or cause a shortage in it. To help test the aux port you can try to wiggle it a little bit while playing music to see if that will help.

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