Q: 2009 chevy silverado, has a clicking sound by the steering colum. The trans temp blink dashes, then the temp, wint shift into tow

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2009 chevy silverado, has a clicking sound by the steering column. The trans temp blink dashes, then the temp, wont shift into tow, and the shifter indicator light blinks. All of this blinking is in relation the clicking noise. Is there a module on the column?

One of the blinking indicators, or the malfunction(s) that it represents, would have to be traced and resolved before it could be determined if they all have a common cause. The clicking noise is actually more likely to be from one of the HVAC door actuators that control air flow or temperature. There are at least 4 of these actuators in your system and one could be failing. This is a commonly found fault when clicking noises are heard beneath the dash. The actuators can be ruled in or out by merely accessing them as the clicking can be felt on the enclosure. To get the underlying fault that has caused the transmission indicators to blink (and the no tow mode), it is best to request an electrical diagnostic. That diagnostic would include downloading any trouble codes that might have stored and that might be relevant to this as well as application of a real time scanner to determine, for example, what the transmission operating temperature is (maybe’s it’s out of range high; hence tow mode is locked out). It has to be determined if the warning lights represent an actual malfunction or rather are just some sort of circuit malfunction.

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