Q: 2007 Silverado - "Reduced Engine Power"

asked by on December 06, 2016

I have a 2007 Silverado (new body) and just recently I started getting a "reduced engine power" notification in my DIC. I could turn off the truck and start a few minutes later and it will drive normally but with the engine light on. I've also noticed that it will shift I to second gear at a higher RPM (about 3500-4000). I'm hoping that this isn't a transmission issue as that will probably be a wallet breaker. Also, I've noticed that sometimes, when I turn the truck off, I'll hear a weird "clipping" sort of sound that does down quickly. The sound come from directly under the "Vortec" labeled engine cover. Would one faulty issue/ part cause all these symptoms? What would be the proper fix?

My car has 130700 miles.

Hi there:

Without being there, it’s difficult to give you an idea as to what might be causing the ’chirping’ noise or the Reduced Engine Power light. However, anytime you have an error or warning light come on and you notice symptoms while driving, the best way to diagnose this in order to make the right repairs is to have a professional mechanic complete a check engine light is on inspection first. This will allow the mechanic to download and access ALL error codes that may have been triggered which illuminate those warning signs.

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