Q: 2007 Acura MDX service A1234

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My Acura service light is on it says service a1234. I also have a leak in my power steering line. I also have a daylight running light error. Can you itemize what it would cost to fix the underlying problems?

My car has 206000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The required maintenance for "A1234" is an oil & filter change, tire rotation, replacement of transmission fluid, replacement of spark plugs, replacement of timing belt, inspection of valve clearance and inspection of drive belt. To obtain an exact written quote for each service, please use the foregoing hyperlinks, each of which will take you to a specific service page at which you can schedule the service, too. The drive belt would be evaluated free of charge during any of these services. YourMechanic does not have a specific page that provides the quote for valve adjustments. On this vehicle, it is probably a 2.5 hour job (very rough estimate) inasmuch as there are two cylinder banks on your V-6 engine.

With regard to estimates for the repairs, that is the DRL malfunction and the power steering leak, the costs are entirely dependent on exactly what is wrong. With regard to the leak, if a hose clip is loose or missing, the cost to repair is usually minimal. Similarly, if the leak is in a low pressure return line, that is usually fairly low. If the leak is in a high pressure line and/or a system component the cost is higher, in part due to the cost of the required parts (especially if you desire OEM parts) plus labor if the pressure hose is in a spot that requires removal of other components. In your circumstance, with a fair amount of maintenance required, you best bet and indeed your lowest cost option, is probably to request the maintenance and when the mechanic is right there, at no additional cost to you, he or she will estimate the cost to repair the leak (it is usually fairly obvious as to source). Inasmuch as the DRL fault involves the electrical system, that requires a diagnostic (you can see a leak, but you can’t see where electricity is going or not going). So, the only way to resolve the DRL fault, even if it’s just a fuse - fuses blow because of electrical faults - is to request an electrical diagnostic. Hope this helps and if you request the maintenance services. the mechanic will get you squared away on all issues you have written in about. In the meantime, if you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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