Q: 2005 jeep wrangler won't start. stops cranking mid start

asked by on December 31, 2017

2005 jeep wrangler. new alternater, new starter, new battery. it seems to only have problems when it's really cold. it starts cranking sounds like it's about to catch, then stops cranking all together. lights and electrical seems all functional. oil leak ruined last starter, however when I replaced starter everything was fine. put new alternater in problems started to emerge. checked started for oil it's clean. battery seems to be holding a 12.5v charge at cold start and 14v while running. I can say I may have over tightened the positive cable to the alternater as I was using a long handled ratchet but I assume since the charge is good i can't imagine that's causing any problems. when I turn the heat on I can smell radiator fluid slightly. level is fine. however when I turn the blower fan on seems to bog the engine down and heat is hot but only blows through the window vent. the engine needs some TCL. there is a rattle unknown oil leak is believed to be coming tranny input seal.

My car has 190000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You may have a defective starter but will need to monitor the start signal on starter to see if it stays on while the start signal is on. If losing start signal to starter then you may have a bad ignition switch or start relay. If signal is still getting to starter and it kicks out then starter is bad. For other issues with a/c you will need to have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic diagnose mode door actuators.

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