1999 Ford ExAntifreeze reservoir never fills temp gauge s...

Q: 1999 Ford ExAntifreeze reservoir never fills temp gauge stopped working heat stopped working engine runs strong smoke under car

asked by on January 26, 2018

At first I was hearing this loud type vacuum type noise coming from the front driver side tire I was at a stoplight a day later and the truck just wouldn't move going to put the car in park there was this loud grinding noise and then I push the brake went to reverse the car didn't move off I went to drive still wouldn't then again I went to park and then there was a grinding noise after hitting the gas a couple of times I put the car in 4 by 4 and went to drive and hit the gas and then it took off like a big jump and then it drove but then there was a lot of white smoke coming from the underneath of the car by the passenger rear door right in front of the rear tire I got a block down pull to the side and the car just stopped moving again call the tow truck my house was literally 3 blocks down the road a he drop the car off I start the car and it worked like nothing had ever happened parked it in the garage I noticed no antifreeze, temperature hand not working, heat not working an smoke

My car has 132000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

No antifreeze would explain the no heat and if the antifreeze leaked out, that might be related to the cloud of smoke. Also, if there is no liquid coolant in the engine, the temperature gauge will malfunction as you describe it. Although it is not exactly clear what has happened, and whether or not there are multiple issues (e.g., you mention lack of movement in gear, too) what I would recommend is you first request a coolant leak diagnostic. If a leak, or overheating or a water pump failure, is part of the issue the responding certified mechanic will resolve that as well as any other issues related to the overall breakdown. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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