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98K miles check engine light. Codes P-011 and P-128. Slight skip at mid range RPM. Running temp 182* shown on "info" window. Oil is down to 28% left before change. I normally change at about this point. Coolant is NOT leaking. I previously changed the water pump and gaskets (2 yrs ago) with no leaks since. Resevoir shows full. Battery is new. I'm handy enough to change the thermostat and cam and temp sensors but I don't like to just throw parts at something without a little more diagnostics. I have never changed the gas cap. Fuel is/was near empty when the ck engine light came on a few miles ago.

My car has 98000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello. The trouble codes listed are for two distinctly different issues. P0011 is the trouble code for an issue with the vehicle’s camshaft position for bank a, being over advanced. This is often caused by a faulty camshaft position sensor or a faulty camshaft position actuator or solenoid. P0128 is the trouble code set off when the computer detects that the engine coolant has not come up to sufficient temperature withing a predetermined time frame. This is often caused by a stuck open thermostat. I would take a look at the vehicle’s camshaft position sensor and associated wiring, as well as consider replacing the thermostat. Once removed you should be able to see if it is stuck open, as well as test it to see if it is working properly. If you are unsure, I would recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, visit your location to diagnose what may be setting off your trouble codes.

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