23 years of experience
Los Angeles, CA

I've been an automotive technician since 1994. I've worked at dealerships, independent shops, and as a mobile mechanic for several years. I'm experienced at everything from replacing timing belts on all makes of cars to routine fluid changes. I have the tools and skills to service or repair your car and I look forward to my next challenge.





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on January 20

The part I supplied was defective but Napoleon tried his best. The only reason I can't give a 10 is that work could not be done.



Mazda 3
on January 05

Napoleon arrived early to attend my car. Unfortunately I had to get dropped off at work therefor, I did not get to talk to interact with him as much. However, he did not mind working on my car while I was gone. He let me know when the job was done which was very fast btw. He did a good job.

on December 29

Very impressed, I highly recommend Napoleon. I'm not the sharpest when it comes to cars but he figured out the issue quickly and was honest and straight forward.



Honda Fit
on December 22

What a great experience! Napoleon called ahead of time to let me know when he would be there and showed up early! He was very courteous and professional. The estimated time was over an hour and he did it in 20 minutes! This was my first time using yourmechanic and Napoleon made it a great experience. Would HIGHLY recommend him to all of my friends and family.



Hyundai Sonata
on December 21

Napoleon was great! He came early, finished promptly, and just called me when the service was complete. So easy! I will definitely use Your Mechanic again!

on January 18

I was impressed with the service he has provided. Very professional and done the job les than as quoted. He was right on time .

on December 06

Napoleon has been absolutely amazing. His knowledge and service is unlike any other that I have experienced in the auto industry. He has been there for text assistance and calls and even has shown up for emergency situations. I am truly grateful for his assistance and will continue to work with Napoleon in the future!

on November 23

Napoleon was kind, courteous, and explained everything to me so that I could understand. He let me know exactly what the issue was and made sure I understood exactly what was going on. He's a great guy and I'd recommend him to anyone.

on November 20

Very nice , clean and did an outstanding job on my 22 year old truck . I would recommend him and hope he's available the next time I need work done on my vehicle . Thanks again Napoleon .

on November 05

The very best, most thoughtful and skilled auto mechanic I have ever had the pleasure of working on my car – just left my house! He came to me – amazing! Thank you Napoleon for your exceptional work. And thank you YOUR MECHANIC for being... here.

on January 17

Arrived early and addressed three issues: 2 windows and oil leak. Awaiting parts for repairs.

on September 11

Napoleon is was punctional, friendly, professional and low maintenance. I would ask Napoleon to do any job I had for him, with the utmost confidence it'd be done correctly and timely.

on September 17

Once again Napoleon has exceeded expectations Not only did he call me 1 Hour before arrival ( Which was great for me) He came Immediately with a smile & ready to go.I went inside to Prepare to go to an Appointment within 30 min he called me to say he was done.WOW, I'M so thrilled & Impressed by him I hope he will always be there for me. I thank GOD FOR HIM!

on September 12

Napoleon was very Professional & Courteous it took him no time to find out the problem with my car.I Will be needing Someone to do work on my Other car this Weekend,Hopefully it will be him.

on July 20

Napoleon arrived early and quickly diagnosed my vehicle. He was very knowledgable and communicated (listened) well to what I told him about the vehicle prior to the problem. Thank you so much for the excellent service!

on August 28

Napoleon arrived early (no prob). I'm a first time user of this service and had a great experience. Napoleon is a down to earth guy. He explains things well and answered any and all questions/concerns that I had. He diagnosed the issue and explained what happened to my baby. I will recommend this service to all my family and friends. Thanks

on October 16

Napoleon offered to show up early which was great - he fixed what I needed and was able to check out another issue with the car. Thanks Napoleon.

on January 04

Napoleon was on time (early actually) and got the job done fast. Car is running good as new.

on September 03

Luckily I had an easily fixable issue, he took care of it in a matter of minutes! Very polite and professional, would definitely recommend!

on July 11

Thank you very much. Napoleon showed up on time and did a wonderful job. I hope he is my mechanic next time I call. Thanks again !! :-)

on July 04

He came earlier then expected which was perfect, friendly guy, got right to the job. Very professional . I would recommend him to others

on November 22

Replaced Idle Control Valve on BMW 525i. Came on time... Very professional and careful. Knew exactly what to do.

on January 10

He did a great job, The oil was changed and he didn't even have to move my car.


  • engine fuse


Honda Accord
on August 08

Napoleon was really nice and showed up way ahead of schedule and explained the process a bit. Car is running :) Only disappointment is that I don't know enough about cars to check every single button to make sure everything is working. Now my speakers have no sound. I have no idea why and I can't continue to keep paying someone to come out and diagnose every small issue. I'm getting rid of the car.

on September 18

Napoleon was great. Super nice guy, and he even arrived early! He was very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful.



on December 13

Unfortunately it did not go as planned. He 'inspected' our bmwX5 that over heated & diagnosed it as needing a 'coolant reservoir replacement' and that it is otherwise in excellent health/condition. He stated he'd check his schedule to come back but after a couple weeks I just scheduled the appt myself and he came back. We were excited when he said it'd be about an hour but the hour turned into about four hours, and he never test drove the car, nor ran the engine. I turned the car on when he stated he didn't have to test it or drive it, and the low coolant light, as well the check engine light was on, and the dashboard panel was lit up. Napoleon stated it's all good & there was no need for concern. We dhould take the car for a drive out of town with no problems and not to worry. He literally drove off as I was trying to get his attention, from driving behind him as he pulled out the drive. The temperature gauge needle went straight to the red zone, and car low coolant light/came on immediately, and the car overheated in the same block just two buildings away. I called, and texted him (he was a car ahead) but he didn't answer until about 10 mins later. He stated he'll call us that evening, and the next evening he texted instead stating he needed to check his schedule, and no need to contact the ' because he'll come on his own time. but unfortunately for whatever reason- he has not contacted me since. It's been over a week and the car is still sitting because we all know it isn't safe to drive a vehicle that overheats. I really liked him even though he showed up 2-4 hours before the appointed time(s) but he disappointed me and we're perplexed. It unfortunate ecause he just reinforces the negative reports you hear of shady mechanics, unethical practices in garages, and unprofessional employees in service departments. ;( Also, i was charged twice for labor. I really want to believe in the 'your' platform, and have told so many people and my readers great things about Napoleon and the 'your mechanic' platform/services. But this? I've been waiting for the situation to be rectified before informing everyone of our experience(s) but a week for a response? and the car is still sitting? and not just ANY car! ;(



BMW 335i
on December 06

Dont let him touch your car. Did front brake pads. Didn't replace the sensor that I paid for. Said the brake fluid was low that's why the brake light is on. Went to check brake fluid level. He had taken the cap off the master cylinder and never put it back on. It was laying in the engine compartment. Checked the brake fluid level it was fine. Also didn't re-attach the panel over the master cylinder inside the motor compartment. Just sloppy. Tried to call him to come back but wouldn't answer his phone. He gave me the old parts to throw away. There was just brake pads no old sensor. Be warned if you book him. Your car will not be put back to the way it was when he took it apart. How many shops do you goto where you have a brake job done and they give you the car back and the break lightis still on??

on July 11

Great mechanic better guy! He was prompt and do what he could to save me money instead of charge more!

on December 07

He was great, he showed up early and went out of his way to help correct the issue.

on December 18

Great service. Best experience I've ever had with car repair.

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