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13 years


Automatic Transmission Fluid Service


by kenwood from Burbank, CA 91505

Very thorough and reliable.

by kenwood from Burbank, CA 91505

Great job. Would highly recommend.

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27 years


by Susanna from Burbank, CA 91502

Augie was kind, courteous and professional. He arrived on time (early, but he called to see if it was okay first) and did all the work on my car in a timely fashion. He made me feel comfortable about it, and even though it was an oil change/filter I let him know we were driving across country and he did a full inspection to make sure we were safe. Great job and many thanks!


by Dave from Burbank, CA 91501

Augie he was polite knowledgeable and on time

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7 years




by Chareen from Los Angeles, CA 90043

Ricardo is so knowledgeable in all things automotive. He also explains and shows you everything so you know exactly what is happening. He is reliable and trustworthy (not often a trait found in auto mechanics). I will ALWAYS make sure Ricardo is my mechanic. If he is booked, he is worth waiting for, BELIEVE ME. There is a reason he has 5 stars. My Story: My Jeep needed a new radiator. Ricardo replaced it, but my car continued to leak. He informed me that aftermarket radiators for Jeeps often had issues and he suggested a radiator replacement from the dealer. We ordered the part (again) but from the dealer this time and he replaced the faulty one. So far, everything seems fine. Here is the exceptional part about Ricardo. After he put the 1st radiator in, the check engine light came on. There was a faulty sensor, not associated with the radiator. Any other mechanic would have told me it was an unrelated issue and charged me for a new sensor. Instead, Ricardo realized the sensor failed because oil was dripping on it, yes, oil from the faulty aftermarket radiator that he initially installed. He let me know the reason for the sensor failure and replaced it free of charge when he put in a new radiator. Also, there was sticky stuff on my window making the electronic window not roll down. He cleaned off the sticky stuff. One of my headlights was foggy, he had product to quickly clean off the build-up, the door panel was not attached to the door, he had a quick fix for that..... shall I go on? Ricardo is honest, informed, and dedicated to getting the job done right and making sure the customer is happy. Like I said, he will ALWAYS be my mechanic. If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would. "YourMechanic" is lucky to have him as an employee. If all of their employees are as good as Ricardo, they will be the trademark of auto repair. Yes, this review is real. Chareen Hodge- Los Angeles, Ca.


by Valerie from Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Ricardo showed up as scheduled, got right to work and was done as expected within 3 hours. He was courteous, capable, and I would not hesitate to book him for another fix. He answered all my questions.


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36 years


Exhaust System Inspection
Exhaust Gas Recirculation/EGR Valve


by Rodney from Burbank, CA 91501

Mauricios called to let me know he was outside my place...he was in time, super friendly and knew how to make an uncertain situation possitive. I told him what 3 reputable shops told me what the problem was and he received what I had to say and made me feel like I knew what I was talking about. After he check what what I told him, he told me something completely different. He did a thorough diagnosis and then told me the problem wasn't at all what these 3 other so called professional shops told me. It was something that was extremely less expensive by hundreds of dollars and he guaranteed me that his diagnosis was in fact the issue. All I have to say is he was right and I already told about 10 people about your mechanic and the the super awesome job Mauricio did!!!!!!!! Excellent×100


Brake Hose


by kate from Burbank, CA 91506

Very satisfied with service

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17 years




by jae from Burbank, CA 91505

Thank you for your good job.

by Sandra from Burbank, CA 91502

This is the 1st time I've used this service. I will definitely use it again! Chis was honest, practical, forthcoming and efficient. The convenience is awesome, but obviously wouldn't be worth it if the mechanics were crooks or hack jobs. So far this seems like a win, win for me!! I will use this again SOON! (Unfortunate for my pocket book, my 14 year old Cadillac needs a little extra attention right now).

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