13 years of experience
Los Angeles, CA

I've been in the automotive industry for over 20 years and have experience working in both dealerships (Saturn, Chrysler, and Jeep) and independent shops. I've been a shop foreman, service advisor, and manager in addition to being a mechanic and I enjoy all aspects of the industry. I am skilled at diagnosing new situations and I make it my priority to deliver quality service.





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Lexus ES300
on August 21

Was able to arrive earlier than the appointed time, was able to repair a strangely-located sensor, and was able to rely on professional support staff to figure it all out.

on August 21

This guy is bad ass and you'd be privileged to have this man do the work..he not only has great customer service with exceptional verbal sklls that are understandable but he does one thing many people don't do and that's listen Rather than assume. Good work..very thankful for Johnathan in Floida for booking and Lucas doing a damn good d job

on August 16

Lucas is both personable and professional. He knows what he is talking about and does not pretend to know something he doesn't. He took time to explain what was going to happen and when presented with some challenges he was forthcoming that he didn't know. He also was good to contact his office regarding getting clarification from the manufacturer on some parts. I will definitely recommend "Your Mechanic" and Lucas to family and friends. Thank you

on August 05

Lucas was really great! He kept in contact with me the entire time and helped me to get exactly what I needed done. Thanks again!!



Toyota Camry
on July 02

He was early which was great and was in contact with me before to let me know where he was. He was polite and fast. Lucas did a great job. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Great experience.

on June 28

Lucas was friendly ,professional ,upfront and honest . He went above & beyond than most any other mechanics I've dealt with. He explained things to me in a way so I could understand it properly. It was an absolute pleasure having him work on my car! I plan to specifically seek him out regarding any new work that is needed in the future .

on July 11

Lucas performed a handful of regular service requirements on my 2011 Mazda 3. He was very friendly, easy to work with, and knowledgeable.

on June 16

Great guy! Made me feel very comfortable. Very friendly and has a lot of knowledge on what other issues I might need to look into. Great service!;)

on May 31

This was a wonderful and very convenient way to have my car serviced. Lucas was very polite and knowledgeable. Definately will go this route for car service from now on.

on June 09

He was punctual and polite and did a great job. I had trouble with my computer and that why such a delay in rating him. Very good service and very happy with his mechanical service

on October 20

Lucas did a great job! I will request him by name on future service calls. Showed up early and called to see if that was ok. I really appreciated that.

on October 23

Lucas was professional, knowledgeable, articulate and went out of his way to solve the problem. I thought I had blown the radiator on the 2005 Toyota Sienna; he diagnosed not a radiator leak, but that one of the gaskets somewhere was leaking. He took the whole thing apart, showed me step by step what the problem was and what he was going to do to repair it. He went out of his way to find the part; he went out of his way to correct the job parts order that is automatically created for this particular job, which in itself saved me something like 150 bucks. He was helpful, thoughtful, kind and did excellent work. I highly recommend him and as a first time user am impressed with Your Mechanic and its mechanics.



Hyundai Sonata
on March 25

Lucas showed up in a great attitude, despite my scheduled appointment in downtown LA during rush hour. He gave great advice during the brake pad replacement regarding preventing future costly repairs, which I greatly appreciated. The job took less time than I expected as he worked steadily at completing the job. I would highly recommend him to any other future users. A great first time experience with YourMechanics



Honda Accord
on May 07

Lucas was courteous, intelligible and efficient at his work. I will dodo girly be requesting him the next time I need ANY work done. By far, the best mechanic experience ever!!!!!

on October 08

Lucas arrived better than on time, diagnosed and (unfortunately) agreed with my guess that the alternator needed to be replaced. He completed the job quickly and informed me of a couple of small side issues to be aware of. He was friendly, informative and there was no upselling. I recommend him highly

on May 09

Lucas was extremely knowledgeable and was able to fix my problem. He was very friendly and courteous and even helped with some preventative maintenance while he was their for my repair. Highly recommend Lucas and

on August 10

Lucas quickly diagnosed the rattling sound in my car to be the stabilizer bar links. He ordered the replacements and installed them. He is a great mechanic and look forward to using him again and again on anything that comes up.



Nissan Versa
on June 09

He was punctual and polite and did a great job. I had trouble with my computer and that why such a delay in rating him. Very good service and very happy with his mechanical service



Saturn Ion
on October 20

I had an electrical problem with my car (wouldn't start). I thought it went beyond the typical dead battery situation (battery wouldn't take a jump, there were no preceeding hard starts), so I wanted everything tested. It was convenient to have him come to the car, instead of me taking the car to a shop (since it wouldn't start, we were probably looking at towing). I could have changed the battery out myself, but I wouldn't have known if there was some underlying issue or not (starter, generator, alternator). It turned out that it just was the battery (battery was bad, needed to be replaced), although Lucas tested everything, so now I have some peace of mind that it's not going to happen again.

on June 29

Lucas was early for the appointment (called in advance to make sure I was at the location, very appreciated) which was great. He took exactly an hour for my oil change appointment and was very courteous in our exchanges. Would definitely book Lucas again through YourMechanic.



Honda Civic
on February 29

Lucas is the best! He tells you exactly what needs to be done, even if that means a lower bill. The dealership said I needed an expensive repair done. After inspecting, Lucas confirmed that this wasn't necessary and recommended something much simpler and cheaper. We trust Lucas!

on June 19

Lucas has worked on y Hummer several times and he has always solved the issue Ina timely and professional manner . He will be my macanic as long as I live in California. I highly recommend Lucas if you want the job done righ .



Volkswagen GTI
on March 02

Lucas was extremely helpful in isolating, diagnosing and fixing the issues. Saved me money on my repairs since the true diagnosis was not what I was expecting. It was great news. Thanks for your honesty Lucas!


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GMC Safari
on April 06

Lucass was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and best of all honest. The price was readonable and I have already recommend him t pop a friend. Thank you Kerry Bender

on March 04

Lucas was the best! He told me exactly what needed to be done - and how inexpensively! I was expecting to spend about $1000 on a replacement axle - but when he showed me the pieces that needed replacing, they only came out to just over $100! He is an incredibly qualified, honest, and wonderful mechanic. I would love to have him service my car again and cannot recommend enough to all of my friends.


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Toyota Prius
on April 04

It was an overall positive experience and I would do it again if and when the situation called for it. Nothing really more to say when you don't have anything to complain about whatsoever...... Thank You again!


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Chevrolet Impala
on April 02

Lucas was not able to come on scheduled time due to a job he has to finish, but that's fine with me. Finally came and within minutes was able to find the problem. The new rear rotors were out of specs. He took it upon himself to have it machined and will be back to install them next weekend. I truly appreciate that he did that for me. I could have returned the rotors, but that would take weeks or even months, with all the hassle, to get them back. Lucas is the MAN!

on March 09

Lucas was very helpful, courteous, knowledgeable. He did just what he said he would. He didn't go looking for things to fix just for the sake of fixing them.

on August 23

Originally, this company screwed me over to the point of losing my trust and my business, but LUCAS saved them. He is THE MAN! Professional, pleasant, knowledgeable and courteous. The only reason I would use this company again is because of LUCAS! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

on March 11

Lucas came on time, was very professional, consulted with me and did an outstanding job. I was very satisfied with the quality of the services provided and have already recommended Lucas and Your Mechanic to several friends. Thanks for a great job!

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