12 years of experience
Los Angeles, CA

I've been in the automotive industry for over 20 years and have experience working in both dealerships (Saturn, Chrysler, and Jeep) and independent shops. I've been a shop foreman, service advisor, and manager in addition to being a mechanic and I enjoy all aspects of the industry. I am skilled at diagnosing new situations and I make it my priority to deliver quality service.





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on December 08

Very friendly and knowledgeable. He finished his work promptly and cleaned up. Would definitely hire again.

on December 06

Lucas was awesome! He called prior to arrival to ask my specific problem, arrived on time and could not have been more professional. He was friendly, courteous and had a sense of humor. I'd definitely recommend him.

on November 21

Lucas went above and beyond my expectations. He was very dedicated to finding out the issue with my Jeep and provided an alternative solution that allowed me to avoid costly repairs. Additionally, he is polite, friendly, and courteous. I HIGHLY recommend his services, and will seek to book him again if services are needed in the future.

on November 17

I couldn't be more pleased with both the service and the transaction. Lucas was wonderful. He changed my alternator but for some reason it was charging the battery. He came back the next day and went over the electrical system with a fine tooth comb until the alternator was working as it should. This is a great way to get your car serviced.

on November 16

Showed up w/in the time frame given. Having experience w/ cars myself, he was open to my input, & shifted focus to zero in on the issue. Once he found the problem, he explained what it was (& pointed it out so I could see myself), w/out any "fluff", & had a solution.

on December 02

It is such a pleasure to work with such an experienced mechanic who is thorough and knowledgeable. He is like a "car whisperer." LOL

on November 08

On time and professional. Lucas did a great job. I highly recommend him and will be happy to have him handle my cars service needs in the future.

on December 06

Very thorough with his pre-inspection review. I couldn't be there and he handled everything very professionally and kindly.

on October 25

Lucas was a very knowledgeable man, he pinpoint the issues of mu vehicle and it went smoothly from there. He'll be my number 1 to go to mechanic

on November 02

Lucas arrived within the one hour window that was specified. He was friendly and seemed very knowledgeable. Although he performed a simple oil change, he was able to answer additional questions I had and tell me what things I needed to keep an eye on in the future. When he was done and starting to clean up, he noticed that part of the old oil filter was missing. He didn't hesitate to immediately put the van back up on the jack to inspect the oil filter housing, and found the missing piece from the badly worn out old oil filter! I appreciated his thoroughness and attention to detail.

on October 06

Lucas informed me he would be running a little late ahead of time so that was no problem. He showed up, I gave him a rundown on what's been going on with my car, and he ran a test. He gave detailed explanations and made sure I understood what he was doing. After the problem was diagnosed, he went take another call, but came back a few hours later to finish the job! I'm extremely happy with his service and my car is running better than ever! Thanks Lucas!

on November 07

Lucas was awesome! Very fast and efficient. He replaced my serpentine belt and he will be my new go-to mechanic from now on! :)

on October 23

Lucas was great as always, luckily this time no serious repairs were needed. Helped point out other things that needed attention as well.



Saturn Astra
on September 21

Lucas was really friendly and knew what he was doing. I had booked to replace my alternator (having been told that was the problem) but he did an inspection and found that the real problem was my battery. Instead of making me book another appointment, he managed to replace the battery right then and there which was exactly what I needed. He was efficient and helpful!

on September 10

Lucas is the man, he diagnosed the problem first the came back "on time" and Fixed it I highly recommend Lucas to anybody that is looking for an A Plus Mechanic.



Ford Focus
on November 06

Lucas did a great job and made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. I would highly recommend him.



Saturn Ion
on October 25

I had battery trouble, needed a new battery. Lucas went to an auto parts store to replace my battery, but my car's preferred model wasn't there. He got the 2nd model, so I could drive for the day, then came back the next day with the preferred model when it was in and switched it out. It was important because my battery is in the trunk; it's possible the 2nd model wouldn't have vented correctly, and if not, it would have been in the trunk (in the car). So he made it possible for me to drive while waiting, and then replaced the battery as soon as he could, making an extra visit to our house. Great service.



Toyota Tacoma
on October 26

Lucas is an extremely competent mechanic that I would recommend to anyone, except maybe my mother-in-law (sarcastic joke) Lucas has been so professional and points extra things out to me that I would not know. He has done two repairs for me and I have the next time I need to have one done, I will be personally requesting him. If Lucas goes to another company, "Your Mechanic" has lost my business. I recommend this personal service, and I will tell everyone to request Lucas. I had a quote for a service on my truck, and Lucas punched in the info. with "Your Mechanic" and the rated he quoted me beat the other party by $1,000. The service is so convenient and personable and so is Lucas. GIVE HIM A RAISE, I think he is worth it.

on October 26

Lucas was very communicative and thorough. He specifically sat down with me and showed me what was wrong with my car. I also really appreciated that he gave me options and left a lot of the decision-making up to my discretion. I never felt pressured or scared into fixing more than requested, which is different from the majority of mechanics I've encountered. HIGHLY recommend and will request him or at least refer to this site for further work on my vehicle. The work itself on my car had top quality parts/service! Big thanks!

on November 01

Lucas is an excellent mechanic. He explained what was and wasn't wrong with my car. He helped me to understand exactly how my cars problems would impact me in the short and long run. He gave me multiple options without ever making me feel pressured to go with any one option. He's one of the only mechanics I've ever met who does his job in a way that makes me trust him. I'll be using him for every future need on my car(s). Bottom line: Request Lucas, and wait until you can get him. I made the mistake of picking an earlier appointment due to time, which messed up my car, and Lucas fixed it gratis, expertly, a day later. Don't think, just give him your business.



Honda Accord
on May 07

Lucas was courteous, intelligible and efficient at his work. I will dodo girly be requesting him the next time I need ANY work done. By far, the best mechanic experience ever!!!!!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Jeep Cherokee
on November 09

Once again, reevaluated my car prior to any work being done, analyzed the issues and we are now getting them fixed. Saves me some money and some headaches.


  • Lyft Car Inspection


Honda Civic
on November 09

Lucas is a. Wet kind gentleman. He is also very thorough and takes pride in his work. If I ever have to call upon your mechanic again I'm hoping I will get Lucas.



Ford Taurus
on May 15

Lucas showed good workmanship and knowledge . He also cleaned up and explained what he had done . Thanks Vince !



Nissan Versa
on April 17

Pleasant experience. Lucas was nice and seemed to know what he was doing. He replaced my front rodors and brakes pads. My car's braking feels so much safer and better. He informed me of some other work, a broken wheel arm. He jacked the car up and showed me how the driver's side wheel arm was broken. I have had tires wear quick in the front so is likely the reason. Lucas took right around the amount of time he said he would and I would recommend him based on my experience.

on May 05

Lucas(once again) has just blown my mind with how well he fixes things. My car has never sounded better and driven smoother and i give ALL the credit to Lucas. If you're thinking about booking from yourmechanic,DO IT. And book Lucas!!!

on April 10

Although my first experience with Lucas wad less than satisfactory, I'm glad I gave him another chance. He was able to help me diagnose a separate issue that I believe may have been related to my differential, and was willing to do everything as planned despite the weather. I was very happy with the way things turned out this time and would request him again.


  • Oil or Fluid is leaking


Volkswagen Beetle
on November 12

Was very friendly and very helpful! Especially for a girl who knows almost nothing about cars, he didn't try and make me pay for anything I didn't need and was very helpful in trying to get my car fixed asap!



Infiniti I30
on November 12

Lucas was excellent. He was knowledgeable friendly; Lucas shared what he was doing to my car and why. I know a lot more about my car as a result of him coming to work on it. My Infiniti was a tall order: Lucas arrived at 11AM and stayed until about 5:30PM to finish. Upon completing the prescribed work, he showed me why a certain (previously insurmountable) issue was occurring, and asked to replace one final part. I said yes, after which Lucas made arrangements to go pick up the necessary part and return (he didn't leave until approximately 8PM). Then, the next day, Lucas contacted me again to let me know that a more updated of the part existed. He asked if we could schedule a time for him to come back and replace the part (ignition coil) one more time. Lucas goes the extra mile.

on November 12

(see previous review) Lucas came back to my house to re-replace a part: he discovered a more updated version of the ignition coil existed. He arrived early, replaced the part quickly, and gave me a verbal run-down of all of the work done on my car (and what to expect into the future). Officially making him my personal mechanic from here on out!

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