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Ira at YourMechanic


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50 years


Oil Change


by DIANNE from Tampa, FL 33612

Ira is a great mechanic. He always explains what a problem is and what the best solution would be. He is prompt, courteous and I am so very glad to have him as my mechanic.




by DIANNE from Tampa, FL 33612

A wonderful mechanic!

Jose at YourMechanic


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12 years


by DIANNE from Tampa, FL 33612

After multiple mechanics diagnosed different things, Jose was tremendous and immediately made me aware of the problem. Unfortunately, I have to save to take care of this so will book within a week or so. Please let him know this and that I greatly value the care and time he took with my appointment.

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Answers to common Oldsmobile questions

Master cylinder issues with vehicle. Hard to stop.
Answered by Andrew
The booster won't make your pedal go to the floor. If you bled all the brakes, and there are no leaks, then it's most likely the master cylinder. You can take them apart and clean them, but if the seals...
Hard to steer.
Answered by Andrew
These vehicles have hydraulic power steering systems. If any fluid is leaking from the system it can cause the system not to function properly. The basic parts of the system include the power steering pump, lines, rack and pinion, and...
Tire damaged hitting curb.
Answered by Robert
After any sort of impact with the suspension you can have a series of parts that need to be replaced. When a mechanic comes across a situation like this the first thing that would be done is a visual inspection....
Truck shakes and traction light coming on.
Answered by Evan
Replacing the water pump in your vehicle is quite a labor intensive job. Part of the job requires removal of the timing chain that runs the engine. If the chain is not reinstalled properly it will cause the engine to...

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