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Air Spring Bag


by peter from Richardson, TX 75082

Overall a great experience. My original scheduled appointment had apparently been overbooked in Alex’s schedule through the your mechanic system. He had to reschedule me for the next day, but gave me a discount for the inconvenience. When Alex arrived, he was friendly& informative. I was having the rear suspension airbags replaced (I had purchased the parts myself, as I found the parts I wanted at a better price online). Alex was able to quickly replace the airbags, but ran into a little trouble when trying to inflate them. Apparently the compressor that controls them will shut itself off if it senses too much of a leak (to keep it from burning out the motor). The compressor needs to be reset. It took several attempts with different reset procedures, but Alex kept me up to date along the way, and eventually got it working. The total time for the service was about 2 1/2hrs, but at least half of that was troubleshooting the compressor. The physical replacement of the suspension airbags is pretty straight forward, and I had considered doing the job myself, but had I done that, I would have been lost on the compressor reset, and would have likely wasted lots of extra time & money to get that issue fixed. Even without that added trouble, the cost of the service was well worth it to save me the time & trouble underneath the vehicle in the cold weather we’ve had lately.

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