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Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

I've been an automotive technician for over 10 years and have worked used car lots, a custom shop, a body shop, and independent shops. I love helping people understand how to to maintain their vehicles and completing each job efficiently and safely.





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BMW 128i
on October 19

Alex was frendly and prompt. Advised what the issue was and the time I should make the repairs in. Was skeptical about using this service but would highly recommend.



BMW 328i
on October 19

This is the first time i used the service and i am glad i tried it out. Alex showed on time and did a great job with both cars. I will definitely recommend Alex and YourMechanic to friends

on October 12

This was my first time using this service, so I was unsure of what the quality was going to be. Mr. Betancourt showed up on time and quickly assessed my car issues. He went above and beyond what I have come to expect of any car service mechanic, and I would recommend him to anyone who would want car issues fixed. I will definitely be using this service again, and will request Mr. Betancourt specifically due to the quality of service he provides.

on October 06

Alex was professional. Showed up on time. And he is really honest. I thought my starter went out in my 2008 H3 Hummer. Come to find out my battery Had a dead cell. Before he started he analyzed the problem and helped me save money. I will definitely use him again. This guy is probably the most honest person I've met. And he is really knowledgeable to be so young. Thanks.

on October 05

He arrived within the timeframe given. After doing an analysis he found that the problem was not what I originally requested service for. This of course saved me $$ which I very much appreciated. What I appreciated the most was that I was having a separate eoetrical problem which he diagnose quickly. He told me what part to order as I would be able to replace it myself. He was not trying to "gouge" me like most mechanics do......very refreshing! I will definitely be using this service again.

on September 30

Alex is a great technician. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to have work done. I will request him every time I need anything done on my vehicles.

on August 25

Alex was very helpful and figured out my problem when many others could not. He also went out of his way to make sure we get the right parts ordered and reschedule work. He is quite knowledgeable and shares vital info on my vehicle to keep it in top shape. Would always recommend, and ask for this technician

on August 26

Alex was very professional and courteous. Willing to explain why I needed to get the work done and suggested cost saving measures I could take without causing any problems. All the work he has done seem to be done as needed.

on August 24

The most amazing car repair experience I have ever had! Alex was punctual, courteous, and very knowledgeable...he went above and beyond to make sure I understood the current repair as well as any other issues he found during initial inspection!! Repair costs were much, much lower than dealership quotes...he even helped open the rear hatch window that stumped the Ford dealership servicemen!!! My family is back on the road with a safely repaired vehicle, kudos Alex- you will be blessed for being a blessing...Thanks to you and Your Mechanic for making this experience wonderful!! ***Fancy Tickled in Frisco***

on August 16

Alex is a very knowledgeable and courteous. He answered all my questions about this visit and also other questions about my car very well. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

on August 12

Alexs was on time and he explained to me what was to be done. he also recommend me to get an alignment,which I needed.The repairs he did made my car run great!! I WILL ASK FOR ALEXS AGAIN.

on August 01

Alex arrived early and was very professional. He wont be able to work on my car, but he told me I could text him if I didn't receive contact from any other mechanics. Very impressed.

on March 04

Alex was very helpful! He took the time needed to get the job done right. He kept me informed and never complained. I really enjoyed getting to work with him and completely trust his expertise!!! He is now my "go-to" for all my car needs. THANK YOU ALEX!!!

on October 21

I am so satisfied with Alex and his knowledge of auto repairs. He was a complete professional. He completed the work in a very timely manner and gave me some information about other services that this company offers. I have finally found someone that I can trust to be honest and help me keep my and my wife's car running and in good mechanical order. Anyone looking for a great mechanic, call this guy for sure!!!!!

on October 11

Alex was very professional and did a great job on the pre purchase inspection. He called me with the findings and his recommendations helped me negotiate a better price. Even the dealer was impressed with his work. I would highly recommend Alex for any future repair needs.

on October 30

Even though it was raining he still did the oil change and let us know that the previous oil change wasn't done properly. He was a very polite young man.

on May 13

This was my first time using Your Mechanic to have work done on my car, and it was a really great experience overall. Alex did an excellent job on my car, and worked efficiently to get the job done ahead of the projected time. He thoroughly explained any issues with my car, as well as, details about the repairs he made and possible future maintenance. Alex was very polite, honest, professional, and knowledgable, and I would definitely use him again for any future repairs to my car and would recommend him to a friend!



Nissan Altima
on February 17

Power Steering had unexpectedly went out. Paid for the Inspection to determine what exactly I would need to buy to fix my problem. I wanted to provide my own parts. Alex was sent out to diagnose the problem and he determined it was my rack and pinion. However.........instead of having to purchase a new (very expensive) rack and pinion assembly, Alex was able to repair my existing one and I was only charged the initial inspection fee. Alex saved me a ton of cash by his expertise and honesty. Plus, he's a heck of a nice guy!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ! Paul T. Mesquite



Infiniti FX35
on April 20

This was my first appointment with "YourMechanic". Alex did just a wonderful job that I plan on getting all my future work with him. He was friendly and went out of his way to address all my concerns.


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Jeep Grand Cherokee
on February 06

Alex was very knowledgeable about my car parts. He was very efficient! His professionalism and communication skills were excellent! I highly recommend Alex.



Jeep Commander
on April 19

This was my first time working with Your Mechanic and it was a great experience working with Alex. He was top notch and went above and beyond. He worked late into the night to make sure the job was done. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing vehicle repairs or maintenance.

on April 01

He was amazing, he arrived on time and went straight to work. He was really kind, answered all the questions i had for him. He is very professional! I'm booking Alex again for the next issue on my car! I highly recommend you do too!



Toyota Corolla
on February 07

Literally the best mechanic in the Dallas area! He took the time to find a definite solution and explain in detail any questions I had. As long as I live in Dallas, he will be taking care of all of my car issues!!!



Ford Fusion
on February 22

Very efficient and great to work with! I would recommend this service to anyone sick of getting jerked around by brand name mechanics! Prices are great and the work/parts used are top notch.

on April 01

Very knowledgable and thorough. He seems to know what he is doing and you can tell he is an honest person who will do what it takes to complete the job.



Honda Civic
on February 22

Alex was late due to traffic - this a big city and that stuff happens - but he kept me informed (the dealer doesn't do that, to they?) and it was not a problem. He was quick, clean and efficient, and his service was 70% cheaper than the dealer's price. As part of the service, he did a overview of maintenance needs on the car (none) and spotted a minor repair I wouldn't have caught. Let's review - certified mechanics, working on *your* schedule, at *your* place, at a fraction of the cost the dealers charge. Brilliance.

on March 25

Alex's ability to do multiple appointments for us on the same day is awesome. The fact that he does it so professionally, quickly, and well is why he will keep our business.



Toyota Sienna
on April 01

Alex was very professional, diagnosed my brakes, and even recommended holding off on the rotors for now given the condition did not need replacing. He took the time to explain some upcoming potential issues with the valve covers and spark plugs, which was helpful to know.



Audi Q7
on February 18

Alex was extremely knowledgable and courteous. He did a great job to fix the issue with my vehicle and ensured that I was well informed throughout the process. He is definately a great value to the your mechanic team and its customers. I am going to ensure that I ask for him to fix or repair any other issues with my cars. Thank you !!!

on February 25

Alex was great and focused. He quickly replaced my thermostat and showed me the one he swapped and then proceeded to explain to me how it kept regiltated my engine temperature. After the inspection, he recommended I get my brake pads and front tires replaced - something I was already aware of which further solidified my trust in his skilla and competency. I would definitely recommend "My Mechanic" to get any and all your mechanically needs fixed.

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