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William at YourMechanic


(50 Reviews)
9 years


by Tacoma from Louisville, KY 40213

William was punctual, knowledgeable, and able to pin point my problem. He also gave advise for future upkeep of my vehicle.


by Arlene from Louisville, KY 40210

William is a true knowable professional!

Terry at YourMechanic


(45 Reviews)
13 years




by Craig from Louisville, KY 40203

I'm from St. Louis and was basically stranded in Louisville after experiencing some car problems. On a weekend at that, when nobody seemed to be open. Terry came out Sunday morning, explained the problem, and fixed it all up. Back to St. Louis safe and in time for the work week. Terry also was awesome in communicating with me online as I did not have a working phone. Highly recommended. Thank you Terry!

by Brian from Louisville, KY 40241

Terry showed up on time, and was very friendly. My issue is that he didn't really perform the service as described. As part of the "oil in spark plug wells" service, it says that "A mechanic will check your valve cover gaskets, O-Ring seals, pistons and other important components." He did not do that. He said that based on my description of the symptoms and his experience with the engine in my Suburban, he knew what the problem was. He did show me carbon buildup in the throttle body behind the butterfly valve. Based on that and his prior knowledge, he said an induction cleaning would solve the problem. So I made an appointment at the dealer where he works. After it was inspected down there (by Terry himself), it turned out that I needed new plugs and plug wires, which was going to cost me an extra $500. What he told me would be about $300 worth of work turned into about $800. Also, on his initial visit, he said my rear brake pads needed replaced, but the front ones were fine. However, when I took it to the dealer, it turned out the front brakes needed replaced as well. I could have just saved the $70 YourMechanic fee by taking it to the dealer in the first place, and I would have gotten a thorough estimate of what needed to be done. I believe that Terry is a knowledgeable tech, but he just wasn't very thorough in this case, which caused me quite a bit of sticker shock when I went to the dealer. Either that, or this was an upsell. If I knew the extent of the work that was needed, I would have shopped around for pricing for those services.

Brandon at YourMechanic


(9 Reviews)
15 years
by James from Louisville, KY 40229

Brandon arrived in a car. (Not what I expected from a professional company such as this but ok let's see what he knows. He didn't waste any time at all and got the bad sensor replaced and changed the oil. I was impressed by his speed of service. Although I felt he could have been a little more professional in his appearance and initial impression, he did a great job. I am OVERLY picky and work In a professional service industry myself, so my standards may be a little high.

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