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Terry at YourMechanic


(45 Reviews)
13 years


by Matt from Louisville, KY 40207

Terry was great- made quick work of it and provided great service and advice.

Brandon at YourMechanic


(9 Reviews)
15 years


by Joseph from Louisville, KY 40272

Overall I had a good experience with Brandon as My Mechanic. I used this service to diagnose a problem with my 2000 GMC Jimmy in which Brandon ended up diagnosing the problem as a bad fuel pump. Unfortunately, replacing a fuel pump isn't a repair he offered on site which was one major downside and flaw with this service. I think Your Mechanic has a great idea to have the mechanic come to you and is why I went this route to begin with, but when your repair isn't offered on site it really defeats the whole purpose because if your car isn't running you can't drive it to where they need it and i was using this service to avoid tow fees to begin with, and on top of that when you can't have the repair done you lose the perk of using your diagnosis fee towards the repair, so I was really disappointed in that aspect. Brandon was an affable, punctual, and most of all knowledgeable mechanic whom I would recommend to others if what is wrong with your vehicle is an on site fix. He even gave me a way to contact him personally in case his diagnosis was wrong. I have yet to have the repair done, but I am confident that the fuel pump is and was the problem with my truck. Another plus was that he explained to me how he came to that conclusion by telling me his thought process along with showing me the supporting evidence of each step. He also looked over my engine to inform me of some other minor problems with my truck.

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Answers to common GMC questions

Bad lighting coming from the low beams
Answered by Jay
Your Body Control Module (BCM) controls the headlights on your truck. According to GMC your headlights meet all safety standards; however they have a technical service bulletin (TSB) that may pertain to your situation. The TSB number PIT5374 dated February...
Stablity control warning light on constantly
Answered by Derek
I agree that technology breeds a love and hate relationship, my advice is to concentrate on the loving and leave the hate behind. The issue with your vehicle may be a somewhat straightforward repair. GMC is aware of a corrosion...
Check Engine light repeatedly lights up no matter what
Answered by Jay
There is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) campaign 14515b that is calling for the chassis control module. The module has a problem that it has corrosion internally causing random check engine lights and possible engine stall or fail to start....
If the air is too cold, motor knocks on startup
Answered by Derek
As strange as it may sound, the oil filter that was used during one of your oil changes may be the root cause. GMC Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 10-06-01-003C has detailed technical information showing that some non ACDelco oil filters...

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