How to Register a Car in Louisiana

Moving to a new area is a bit stressful due to all of the things that have to handled when settling in. If you are new to the state of Louisiana, then you will need to register your vehicle. For those new to the state, you will have 30 days to get your vehicle registered before you are subjected to an overdue fee. If you are a resident and have purchased a new vehicle, then you will have 40 days to do so before you are charged a late fee. Each of the cars that drive on Louisiana roadways must be registered with the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. You can register your car either in person or by mail.

When ready to get the car you have registered, you will need to find the nearby Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. Here is what you will need to bring with you when trying to get your car registered:

  • A completed Vehicle Application
  • You current driver’s license
  • The current registration and title for the car if coming in from out of state
  • Proof of car insurance with at least $15.000 worth of bodily injury coverage
  • Inspection paperwork
  • Proof of sales tax payment if you are coming from out of state
  • Your payment for all of the fees

If you are a resident of Louisiana and have purchased a car you will need to bring these additional items with you when trying to get the car registered:

  • A bill of sale for the car
  • Ownership documents
  • Odometer readings from the car
  • A loan document if applicable

When getting your car registered in the state of Louisiana, here are the fees you can expect to pay:

  • Title fee of $68.50
  • A handling fee that will be a maximum of $8
  • A lien fee if you are registering a recently purchased car of $10 to $15
  • License plate fee that is based on the value of your vehicle
  • Sales tax that is four percent of the assessed value of your vehicle

Before you are able to get your vehicle registered, you will have to get the car inspected. Some of the parishes(counties) in Louisiana will require you to pass an emissions test before the vehicle can be registered. For more information, visit the Louisiana OMV website.

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