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How an Automotive College Degree Benefits Your Car Mechanic Career

How an Automotive College Degree Benefits Your Car Mechanic Career

Automotive education programs are more popular now than ever before. From vocational mechanics schools to four-year universities to automotive technology online programs to two-year programs such as TCI College of Technology in New York, it’s easier than ever to pursue an automotive degree.

Unlike some career fields, you don’t need a college degree in order to begin a career as a technician. With a high school diploma or general education degree, you can get an entry level job as an auto mechanic. However, there are many reasons why receiving an automotive college degree is beneficial to anyone who hopes to have a successful career as an auto technician. Here are some of the primary reasons why you should consider attending an automotive school if you wish to have a car mechanic career.

It’s easier to get a job

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that technicians with formal training have an easier time finding work, and have better work opportunities presented to them. It’s not hard to see why: if two applicants are competing for the same technician position, the one with a strong automotive education is far more likely to be chosen. Simply put, mechanics with automotive college degrees are more appealing to potential employers.

The starting jobs are better

If you’re a mechanic with a college degree, you will have a great chance of skipping an entry level position, and heading right into a career as a technician. Because you don’t need to be trained on the job, employers will likely be willing to give you a serious position with lots of responsibilities, rather than start you off slow until you’ve learned your trade. Having taken formal automotive classes will have given you all the technical knowledge that may have taken you years and years to learn at an entry level position.

Take your pick of your employment

Because mechanics with automotive college educations are always in high demands, the world becomes your oyster when you have an automotive degree. Whether you want to be a specialist for a specific automaker, or become a mobile mechanic for YourMechanic, you’ll likely be able to chase you dream automotive technician job once you’ve received your formal automotive degree. Since you’ll be a desirable candidate for anyone who needs a mechanic, you’ll also likely be able to move to anywhere in the country and still have a relatively easy time getting a job as a technician.

You’ll be a more knowledgable and skilled mechanic

The skills you’ll learn while getting your automotive education will not only help you get a job, but they’ll also make you feel more comfortable and confident as a mechanic, and they’ll make your career that much more fun. Simply put, getting an automotive college degree is the quickest and most efficient way to become both highly skilled and highly knowledgeable. Having talent and knowledge makes you a more attractive employee and it makes your career a lot more fun. By getting your automotive education, you’ll always be able to take pride in your work, and enjoy the fact that you’re doing a stellar job.

Stronger growth rate, and higher end results

Mechanics who have received their automotive college degree are more likely to move up the ranks, and reach higher levels than technicians who have not received their auto school education. The simple reason for this is because those holding degrees are already equipped with training, hands-on experience, and deep knowledge, so they’ll move up the career ladder more quickly, because they don’t have as much that they have to learn on the job. Instead of going to work to learn from their coworkers and bosses, mechanics with automotive college degrees will be going to work to sharpen their skills, and become even better technicians. This increases the chances of earning a high-ranking mechanic job, and decreases the amount of time it will take to get there.

The pay is much better

Everyone wants to get paid more, and it’s one of the top reasons why aspiring mechanics attend auto colleges. As is the case with most careers, mechanics who have a strong education in their field are more likely to receive high wages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t release salary information for mechanics who have attended automotive schools versus those who haven’t, but they do provide numbers that show there is a strong divide in mechanic salaries nationwide. As of 2015, the median annual salary for auto mechanics was $37,850; however, the top 25 percent of mechanics made in excess of $50,980, while the top 10 percent made $63,330 or more. For all the reasons listed above, a mechanic with an automotive college degree is more likely to have made it to the top of their field, and therefore is likely to be earning well above the average technician salary.

These are the main benefits of pursuing an automotive college degree, but there are innumerable reasons to get a reputable automotive education. Getting your college degree in an automotive field only takes a few years, and you’ll leave with a lifetime supply of knowledge and hands-on skills that can help you stay gainfully employed for decades. If you think that an automotive college degree might be the right choice for you, check out our list of the top 100 automotive technology degree programs at accredited US colleges and universities.

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