Q: Windshield wipers working intermittently, & sometimes won't shutoff

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My windshield wipers sometimes work & sometimes not. I never know when turned on if they're going to work. Also sometimes they continue to run after they're switched off.

My car has 16300 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If there is a switch malfunction, it’s possible that such could explain both faults. If the problem is not in the switch, then there could be a bad relay in the circuit (if so equipped), loose fuse, bad ground, and/or the motor could have a bad (intermittent) connection on the armature. Also, of course, you could have a combination of these electrical faults. It’s easy to diagnose. Next time you have no operation when you switch the wipers on check for battery voltage at the motor plug. If there is power, the motor is bad. If there is no power, although the motor could "still" be bad, you first want to trace the circuit back to the power source to figure out where the break is. Once the circuit is fixed, of course if the motor still doesn’t work, it’s condemned and replaced. If you desire that a certified mechanic resolve this, please simply request a component electrical malfunction diagnostic and the responding mechanic will diagnose the fault and let you know of the required repair and the cost. Repairs can usually be done during same visit unless parts have to be ordered.

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