Q: Why is my upper radiator hose collapsing in the middle when I start my car?

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my car was over heating this past Friday, it seemed like the coolant was leaking from the bottom of my car. So I know the issue has something to do with the coolant not getting into the system correctly. I googled didn't things to get answers and many said to replace my radiator cap which has been on the car since we've purchased it years ago, should I just replace the radiator cap or am I looking at another issue ?

My car has 128387 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The radiator cap is designed to hot a certain amount of pressure in the cooling system when it gets hot and pressure builds up. When the pressure goes above the caps psi rating then the pressure from expansion is released into the overflow reservoir. Now you turn off your car and as the engine cools so doe the coolant in the engine and the radiator cap is supposed to allow the coolant to flow from the overflow reservoir back into the engine. When this flow through the cap does not happen you will see the hoses collapse. You should replace your cap and check the system for leaks.

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