Q: When I run my windshield wipers, my Durango cuts off? What can be causing it?

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When I run my wipers without my foot on the break, my truck cuts off.. now it won’t accelerate over 30 MPH.. it won’t pull a hill.. it’s very sluggish up hill.. but it’s only my front wipers and not my back ones.. I was once told it could one of my 6 cylinders.. any suggestions?
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Pamela. Thanks for contacting us tonight. What you’re describing is a very odd and rare situation, but is often caused by an electrical short in the dash or steering column. When the wiper is activated, the short will cause the ignition timing system to shut off and stall the engine. This doesn’t explain the lack of acceleration though, so you should probably have a professional mechanic complete an on-site inspection to determine why this is happening.

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