Q: Changing my water pump What sequence should I remove the belts in and how would I go about that?

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I'm replacing the water pump and I need to remove/replace the belts to get the water pump off, I have removed the fan shroud, fan and fan clutch and I'm wondering where is best to start, also any tips you have would be great as I am a 1st time DIYer and have a passion for learning on this car.

If you’re going to replace the belts, which is what I recommend, you just start with the outermost belt and work your way back. Off the top of my head I believe the water pump belt is the last one to come off. If you are not going to replace the belts, then they can be partially removed and just pushed out of your way. Changing the belts is not bad on that car, just be patient and be sure to to loosen all the relevant bolts on the accessories instead of trying to force anything. You may find that the alternator and the power steering have adjusting bolts that enable you to screw the belts tight instead of sliders. The water pump is also not difficult. A problem I do see with do-it-your-self owners is that they don’t get the cooling system full when its all said and done. Be sure to set the heater on high and run the car with the radiator cap off, topping up as needed until you have heat coming out of the vents. If you decide to have this done professionally, you can contact Your Mechanic to have a technician come to your home and Change your water pump there on the spot.

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