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I just put in a new battery, recently the car has been stalling to start. I have a automatic starter and sometimes that will start when the key want. but today its just making the clicking noise when I try to start it. a mechanic looked at it before and said that the engine is sticking. but he told me there was a simple part near the battery that was bad. I can not remember what part that was. he told me that it was really easy to replace. I could go to auto store and buy it and replace it myself. but I can not remember the part to buy. have any idea/ when he tried to jump start it I know he was messing around with the cable. but the car didn't start from the jump, it started after he messed with something on or near the battery., I know he stated the problem was the motor or something to that effect was sticking.

My car has 135000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The only thing near the battery for the starter is the starter relay in the relay box. The starter system should be tested by having the cable ends cleaned first and then doing a voltage drop on the cables to see if full voltage gets to the starter through the cables. You may have a loose negative cable connection on the body or engine also. Once these are checked then the engine can be checked for vapor lock or some other problem. I suggest having a mechanic like one from YourMechanic do a full starting system diagnostics.

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