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Let’s do this Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? Isuzu trooper 1997 petrol automatic transmission Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the Isuzu? Is it the original transmission?...

Let’s do this Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? Isuzu trooper 1997 petrol automatic transmission Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the Isuzu? Is it the original transmission? 120k and yes Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Trooper yourself? What have you tried so far? The fault has just happened. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? I want to diagnose it first

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Hi what is the issue with the vehicle ?

Starts off in low gear ok. When it should change up to second, it doesn’t engage. The engine tends but no drive. Switch down to low gear and it reengaged. First time it happened the check transmission light came on.It’s ok. Just tell me what you thinkThe engine revs
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No the original post was not clear what the issue was Automatic transmissions are not my field i will put it back out so a Transmission Expert can pick the question up.
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Welcome to JustAnswer. Thank you for contacting us for assistance with your vehicle. I'm Pete. I will be happy to assist you with your question. May I ask to whom I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

Hi Pete I’m Ian.
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Hello Ian. Nice to hear from you today! I'm sorry to hear you are having this problem. I know this can be frustrating. Have you had a fully compatible scan tool plugged into your vehicle's data port that is able to read all of the computers in your vehicle to see what fault codes come up with this issue since the transmission light came on?

Hi Pete. My mate at the garage plugged a reader in and there were no faults recorded. Although the check transmission light came on while I was driving. It won’t change up
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Thank you for your reply and that information as this does help me better understand the situation. Please give me one moment to type out some info for you. I’ll be right back! Thank you for holding Ian! Since the check transmission light came on while you were driving there should be at least one fault code stored with this issue. If the scan tool that was used on your vehicle is not a fully compatible scan tool then no codes will come up. A fully compatible scan tool that is able to read all of the computers in your vehicle needs to be used. Some of the lower-end scan tools are not able to read the transmission computer for codes. If you know for sure a fully compatible scan tool was in fact used then I recommend having the fault codes re-checked with the transmission warning light comes back on. The code may be clearing itself out once the fault stops occurring and having the codes re-checked with the light on will help retrieve the fault code that is stored with this issue so it can be diagnosed and repaired properly. The fault that you have described can commonly be caused by a fault with a shift solenoid inside the transmission that has to be replaced or an issue with the valve body needing to be replaced. In some cases, this can also indicate an internal mechanical band or clutch failing in the transmission that needs to be replaced. The codes do need to be re-checked as there will be a code with the light coming on to then further diagnose and repair this issue. In some cases, the transmission will need to be removed and taken apart to inspect it internally to help identify the component at fault.
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Glad I could be of some help! I hope everything works out well for you! If there are any additional questions on this issue that should arise, please feel free to reply and ask! Thank you for choosing Just Answer for your questions. Have a great day!

Ok Pete. Thanks for your help. It seems that it’s likely to be an uneconomical repair. But at least I now know. Stay safe sir
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Your most welcome and thank you!

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