Q: Trucks pulls to left under braking

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During braking, my truck pulls to the left. As a mechanic myself, i greased the slide pins on the right side a few months ago and worked fine. But it has been happening again for the past month again or so. I believe its the slide pins again but i dont understand why they got siezed up so fast. Any reason why?
My car has an automatic transmission.

If it is in fact the slide pins sticking once again, try a different type of "brake lube" or caliper lube. Sometimes synthetic lubes work better in different climates. I went through a similar situation with my other half’s car. For whatever reason, replacing the slides and using a synthetic lube was finally the fix after months of trying to figure it out. I’m still puzzled as to why replacing worked after lubing the originals several times with the same synthetic lube I used on the replacement slides. On a side note to show my age, I recall some GM vehicles in the late 80’s and early 90’s having porous calipers. Moisture was actually seeping through the calipers themselves, corroding and seizing the slides and sometimes the pistons. Make sure you check the brake hose and caliper piston as well.

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