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My transmission was low on fluid around 2 quarts, had been shifting hard lately put the trans fluid in and ran a bit smoother. Left my uncles a day later lost every year but reverse keep in mind this is the 4r70w transmission. Took off the pan filter had never been changed nor had fluid. Fluid was black had lots of residue in the pan . Am I looking at a front clutch band or new filter and new fluid ?

My car has 188000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The forward gear drum is a common failure point with the 4R70W transmission. However, with nearly 200,000 miles and the fluid in the condition you describe - low initially and lots of debris in the pan, the repair may be more extensive. Have the vehicle towed to a local transmission specialist for inspection. Even if the forward drum has failed, with the mileage and fluid condition, there is most likely more wrong than just the forward drum and a complete rebuild will most likely need to be done. While getting nearly 200,000 miles out of a transmission that has not been serviced regularly is amazing, a good rule of thumb for transmission maintenance is every 4 years or 60,000 miles under normal conditions.

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