Hi I just got a used car and I knew it was a 2010 and I k...

Hi I just got a used car and I knew it was a 2010 and I knew it was used, but it does this thing where it this is very loud and but it’s getting a little bit worse and then it gets better and then worse and it’s just fluctuating t...

Hi I just got a used car and I knew it was a 2010 and I knew it was used, but it does this thing where it this is very loud and but it’s getting a little bit worse and then it gets better and then worse and it’s just fluctuating there’s no rhyme or reason to it there’s like a slithering sound sometimes when I’m in a new park right now and there’s a slithering weird sound every once in a while that is really creepy and I don’t know what the hell the problem is it starts rumbling and it becomes harder to accelerate as well when it’s like this and then other days it’s perfectly fine still shitty car but fine Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the battery, particularly the terminal connections? Are they corroded? Don’t know how I would do that Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model of your '10 car? Toy [Corolla](/topics-corolla/) Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Corolla yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven’t tried anything I don’t really know much about cars to be honest Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Yeah if I can fix this I’m just gonna have it re-Po’ed

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Hello, welcome and thank you for using Justanswer. Is it like a rattle noise coming from under the vehicle or is it a loud sound like an [exhaust](/topics-exhaust-toyota/) leak more noticeable when stepping on gas ,stopped or when taking off ? Let me know. Thank you.

The latterThe whole car is rumblingI'm at the light right now and my foot on the break and it's doing slither sound that sounds really creepy and weird
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The most common problems on this would be weak [engine](/topics-engine-toyota/) mounts that create vibration , the exhaust gasket between manifold and exhaust cat burns off and then starts making noise and vibration and also the exhaust shield gets loose that makes a rattle noise. Also I would check the engine oil to make sure is full ,low oil will also give you that tapping noise. Good luck. Let me know. Thank you.

I don't understand what you mean when you say the exhaust gasket between manifold and exhaust cat burns off yada yada yada what do I doI'll check the oil but what can I do about weak engine mountsI'm gonna send you an audio of what it sounds lienLike
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Ok, this are common things that need to be checked ,I am away from the vehicle ,can not hear or see anything. The video may help. Doe the noise change when you drive or is it the same when parked ? Does the noise increase with acceleration ?

Increases with accelerationI haven't sent it yetNow just because I kick to the break area really hard and turn the radio off and the lights off and shit suddenly the noise dissipates
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Do you have to be driving to hear the noise ?

No driving sorra begins the noisecontinues when it's parkedIt's just random
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Is it worse if you turn the steering wheel to one side ? Any side

Know which side doesn't seem to matterNow it's suddenly not doing this shit was doing beforeIt just stop doing it every once in a while
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Try to turn the AC on and move the steering wheel

What am I waiting for
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Move the steering wheel all the way to one side and force it just a bit.

It's still really loud to driveWhile in ParkIt actually makes a sound go awayTurning it all the way to both sides with ac on makes it sound go away completely
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Can you tell where is the noise coming from ,like from engine bay or under the vehicle ?

It's all over the vehicleSometimes it comes from the backBut the slithering sounds coming from the engineI should tell you as well that whenever I make a U-turn it creaks
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I think it may be something related with your serpentine belt or the tensioner ,this is the part that keeps the belt tight. Does sound like a knocking noise ?

No like a creek in boats and it feels like I'm driving a boat sometimes speciallyVoice to speech is f\*\*king everything out but you got I'm and rightAnyway it's loud all over even when it's not driving It feels like I'm driving a boat increase whenever I make a U-turn again it's like they drafted out of the river tossed out the dead body and soul it to me
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Do you know anyone that can help ,with some mechanical skills ? If the engine is running good and your temperature gage is normal and also no any other warning lights on you should be able to drive it to a safe place . Like I said before ,the most common problems on this vehicle the can give you this noise are ; broken motor mounts ,witch you would need to replace, The exhaust system ,burned gasket or loose shield ,that usually gives you rattle noise and vibration and the bad belt tensioner the you can get a squeal or a kind of some knocking noise. Unfortunately I can not hear the noise to give you a better or more accurate answer.It is possible that you may have a bad [alternator](/topics-alternator-toyota/) or [water pump](/topics-water-pump-toyota/) but its not possible for me to tell you that is the problem . See if you can have someone help you on this one and let me know later/tomorrow . Thank you.

I'm at Walgreens anything here I can get to try to make v it betterWhat fluid

Customer attachment 12/28/2020 4:22:03 AM

Atm fluid?
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Yes , buy the smallest bottle of baby powder and pour it all over your serpentine belt to see if the noise goes away. Also ,you can check the power steering fluid to see if is full .
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I think your 2010 Corolla may have the electronic power steering witch will not require power steering fluid . Also ,if you start the vehicle and turn the steering wheel all the way to one side and starts to scream that may be just a loose serpentine belt witch you can try to adjust right on the top on the alternator. Let me know what you find.

Now whenever I stop there's a white sounds like something falling from underneath the car and making a rattling bell sound like something is falling out
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Anything leaking ? Go in the back of the car and kick the tail pipe to see if it makes any noise.

It didn't make any noise but I think you're right about the leak thing because I just read something in the article that said something about a vacuum leak or A cooling line Leak and the noise it makes are very similar to what he describesBut I don't know what the all of a sudden something falling out of the bottom of the car and rattling like somethings missing in the car fall apart I don't know where that came from came from
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Do you know anyone that works on his own cars that can give you a hand on this ? This cars have been around for awhile ,I know that one of this three or four things I mention is going to be the problem ,the power steering , I believe on the 2010 vehicle this is an electric system so it can not be the problem , unless you still have the hydraulic . The exhaust system screaming and rattling are the most common and also the serpentine belt ,if its worn out or loose will also make that kind of sound when skipping on the pulleys. can you take a picture of the engine bay ,towards the passenger side ,just want to see if you have the power steering fluid reservoir / because if you do have it and its leaking ,that will be your noise.
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Its getting where I am so if you need any other info I will be here in the morning ET. Let me know. Thank you.

Hi! Do you know anything about the lemon laws? There's also recall on some portion of my car apparently but I just found out about. Do you think that's enough for me to be able to get a refund on the car and take it back?That's under the hood

Customer attachment 12/28/2020 12:19:12 PM

I'm jumping someone's car it was supposed to be an Uber rider
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Well ,you will need to find out what is wrong with the vehicle and then go back too the dealer who sold you the vehicle see if they are willing to do anything for you, it is a used vehicle , I don't know if the Lemon law applies here. Also the recalls are free ,the dealer will perform those repairs for you at no charge. Looking at the picture ,you don't have power steering fluid ,it is an electric steering.I would just take it to a repair shop for an estimate of what is needed. Good luck. Thank you very much.

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