Q: Tick in drivers side gets lower after warm up

asked by on April 06, 2017

Had a shop change timing and water pump they also did valve work on 4 valves on drivers side due to valves being bent after botched timing and water pump replacement. No errors displayed in dash after fix. But Now it makes a ticking fluttering noise. Sort of like when a lifter is stuck. Sounds like diesel engine. It diminshes after it gets warmed up but its not as loud as a cold start. Vehicle runs well yet im worried about sound i feel valve job was done wrong or maybe a worse situation. I havent noticed any loss of power while driving, does not overheat, does not generate engine error lights. Can I still drive it? I'm also worried it may be a rod knocking but sound comes from top drivers side and quites down after driving and warming up. I'm taking it back to the shop that did the work for the 3rd time. I'm so disappointed I feel they don't want to honor their work. Aside from small claims what can I do? Also what is the problem any ideas? Any help will be will appreciated.

My car has 152000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

In your initial question, I did not know that valve damage occurred as a consequence of a failed timing belt replacement. The 4 valves that the shop "claims" were damaged might merely represent what they "think" was the extent of the damage when the valve train interfered with the pistons during the failed timing belt replacement. The point is the noise that you are now hearing may represent damage from other segments of the valve train and indeed could have nothing to do with the 4 valves, or their lifters, that were claimed to be worked on. The bottom line in your circumstance is the ONLY way to identify the origin of the noise, that is describe the cause to you, is to disassemble the engine. I could list every cause of engine noise, or even the shorter list of "most" likely causes, and such would be meaningless and useless because the bottom line is, given what you are describing, the engine will have to be disassembled to repair the damage. And, given the circumstances you have described, at this point, the disassembly and repair will have to be performed by somebody who actually knows what they are doing and are capable of following instructions. If you still dealing with the shop that already damaged the engine, you will probably go from the frying pan into the fire. Some YourMechanic professionals are set up to perform complex engine repairs. My advice would be to see if an individual is available so you can obtain some rational resolution to this. As far as whether or not it is OK to continue to use the vehicle as is, nothing you have described suggests an urgent need to remove the vehicle from service.

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