Q: Throttle body need replacement or not?

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I was trying to get smog check on my car but it didn't pass the test. The service fault codes on the paper says, 'P2101 - Throttle actuator "A" control motor circuit/perfomance'

After that i went to nissan and the recommendations they said i need to replace my both throttle bodies which is cost me like $1800 most likely.

What do you think the best solution should i do, that you think can fix this problem? should i call the mechanic to check it first or should i just do the replacement with yourmechanic?

My car has 40000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. Option C is best; have YourMechanic come to your location and complete a check engine light inspection first before replacing any components. This will allow them to determine if the throttle body itself is the source and needs to be replaced. You should read this article first, so you can learn more about the P2101 OBD-II trouble code and what is means, what causes it and common repairs that are performed to resolve this issue. If the throttle body needs to be replaced, one of our mobile mechanics can complete this service and likely much less than the dealership.

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