Q: The EPS indicator came on when I started my 2007 Honda Fit.

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The EPS indicator came on when I started my 2007 Honda Fit. Stayed on for about 20 mins and the steering wheel was stiff to turn. Got home and checked a few hrs later, the light was off and the wheel was back to normal. Should I still get the power steering checked out?

My car has 210800 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Yes, you should. There may be a problem with something as simple as a position sensor or there can be an intermittent fault from the electronic motor that give you the power steering assist. The warning like came on and went out, but there is a good chance the fault that caused the problem may come back and there should be a fault code stored in the system that can lead the technician looking into the problem i the right direction. Something as simple as a loose connection or an intermittent short can cause this type of concern. Consider hiring an experienced technician like one from YourMechanic who cam come out for a closer look at the vehicle to offer a more personal diagnosis of the cause for you loss of steering and warning light.

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