Q: Strut nut too loose or how it's supposed to be?

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I have a metallic rattle from the front end that I don't hear all the time but only when going down a rapid series of bumps like a dirt road or hitting a big dip at slower speeds. I saw that my passenger side strut nut is tightened down like 3-4 threads on the threaded shaft but the drivers side one is tightened down like 1 thread on the shaft, would this make the strut rattle? These struts are ACDelco professional ready mount and that's how they came. Here is a link to the pictures of the nut on both sides sorry for the kinda crappy quality. If the nut wouldn't cause a problem would it most likely be my control arm and bushings need checked out?


My car has 123000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The difference in the amount of thread retention between the two photos is definitely noticeable and cause for adjustment. This may or may not cause it to rattle as you describe. Based upon the photos, they both appear to be tight, despite the difference in the amount of threads being used. To be safe, I would suggest having an expert from YourMechanic come to your location to take a look at the strut assembly on both sides to better determine how much play is involved which will give a better indication as to whether or not this could produce the rattling sound you are describing.

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