Q: Stopped accelerating and shaking at highish speeds?

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I bought this car last fall and noticed if you try to floor the gas pedal (getting on the freeway) the check engine light comes on and flashes. She also mildly shakes while that's happening. I've been babying her by taking over a mile to slowly climb to 60 and have no issues besides that. It shifts smooth and everything. Well today I tried to accelerate from about 35 to 55 while going uphil. The pedal wasn't even all the way down. But she started shaking violently and just stopped accelerating. I could press the gas and Nothing. During this the rpm didn't redline but the temperature spiked. Check light was blinking. I pulled off and restarted. The check engine light was gone (as usual) and she ran fine after. I know it needs an O2 sensor and a brake module, could either of those cause this? I know tires play a big part and she has some big tires on her (Included when I purchased), so could you also tell me the right tire size? Thank you in advance!

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The first step is to find out what issues are triggering the check engine light. This can be done by having the vehicle scanned for diagnostic troubleshooting codes at your local auto parts store, or by a technician. Use those codes to make sure your engine is being regulated properly. The oxygen sensor will cause some of the issues you are having, and that problem needs to be solved before making many other attempts at fixing the vehicle. Resolve any other diagnostic codes from there. After that you can worry about the tires and suspension. Stock tires for your vehicle are 235/70R15. For more help diagnosing the engine running issues, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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