Q: Starting issue

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I bought new battery and new alternator and in order to start my truck I have to hook it up to a battery booster? Any ideas on what else could be the issue

My car has 350000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

New batteries are not always sold fully charged. Your battery might simply need to be charged. If the battery is fully charged and you have to piggy back additional power to get the starter motor to run adequately to start the car, that means that the starter circuit may have high resistances in it, including bad grounds and/or the starter motor is failing (the motor itself could have high resistance and draw too much current, more current than your standalone battery can supply). Starter circuits can be checked visually for obvious bad connections and corroded terminals. The standard test for adequacy of the wiring is a voltage drop test under load. If all the wiring checks out, and your starter motor is incapable of turning the engine over at the required RPM, then the starter motor is condemned and replaced. If you desire that a professional Mechanic go through these steps and resolve this for you, simply request a no start diagnostic and a certified mechanic will be dispatched promptly.

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