Q: Stalling, transmission stuck in first gear

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While I'm driving, the car starts stalling. The speedometer quits functioning. Also, the transmission seems to get locked in first gear and cannot shift. I've had several repairs done, inlcuding transmission conductor plate replacement, along with the gasket and seals changing. I had the fluid changed and replaced the filter. The car starts having problems when the engine warms up, otherwise it runs fine. What could cause this?

Hi. That can be so frustrating to have your car stall when you expect it to go! It is usually caused by an interruption in the delivery of fuel or spark. Technicians use diagnostic tests depending on the symptoms to gather clues about the cause of stalling. Scan tools are commonly used diagnostic equipment that provide codes from the vehicle’s computer that will frequently indicate the particular part of a system that has issues. You mention that the engine runs better when cold and worse when warm. This can be a clue for a technician to check the engine coolant temperature sensor and fuel trims. An experienced mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, can come and diagnose why your Mercedes keeps stalling. There may be something in common between the engine driveability issue and transmission issue or they could be unrelated.

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